It is said that there are over 200 programming languages in the world, but since the Internet has become widespread, the popularity of Ruby is getting gradually higher, even if it looks at the share rate of the programming language, it also enters the ranking top It is.

Among programming languages suitable for the Web, it is a popular language entering TOP 3, a programming language many people use around the world.

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What is Ruby?

As a feature of Ruby, it is often said that “it is fun to write” and “it feels comfortable”, but the author also feels that way, and it has become a body that I can not enjoy coding without Ruby anymore. The reason for that is that you can write short and intuitively.

For example, when writing a program for displaying sentences on the screen, if you use the Java language, write it as shown in the sample code below.


Ruby sample code is as follows.

p "abc"

It has the function of displaying sentences on the screen with only one letter p. This is easy to remember!

As you can see, Ruby is a programming language that beginners can easily learn in comparison with other languages.

Ruby is a domestic programming language

Many of the languages that are currently popular are mostly developed overseas, but Ruby is a domestic programming language developed by Japanese people. Author ‘s Yukihiro Matsumoto talks about Ruby as follows, mentioning fun and practicality.

Ruby has a decisively different point from Perl and Python, that is the existence value of Ruby. That is “fun”. To the best of my knowledge, no other language is focused on “fun” as much as Ruby. Ruby is designed purely for enjoyment and aims to be able to enjoy all those who make language, who to use and learners. But it’s not just fun. Ruby is also practical enough. You can not enjoy it without practicality.

Ruby Characteristics

One of its main features is that it gives the code great flexibility and simplicity. In addition, the interpretation that is implemented through this language is done naturally without the need to decipher annoying names of variables, commands, etc. Let’s see in more detail its main characteristics.
Object-oriented language: metaclasses, iterators, heterogeneous collections.
Flexibility and conventions of languages such as Perl and Python: Total support for regular expressions, integration with the operating system layer, dynamic evaluation.

  • Highly Portable
  • Dynamic loading of DLLs / shared libraries on most platforms
  • Wide standard library
  • Supports dependency injection
  • Supports alteration of objects at runtime
  • Automatic garbage collection (memory management)
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to maintain and climb.

Now, let’s focus more on how popular is Ruby Programming Language in 2019.

The growth of Ruby

Ruby is already of legal age since he is over 20 years old, was born in 1993 in Japan and was presented in 1995.

From its beginnings until its adoption by the open source communities, it has constantly evolved due to its Ruby On Rails framework. It has achieved recognition as one of the best programming languages attracting devotees worldwide.

Its popularity has led to the formation of active user groups in the most important cities of the world and in large part it is because Ruby is totally free to be used, copied, modified and distributed.

Fashion is Ruby

All its benefits have made it fashionable, nowadays it is one of the most preferred languages and accepted by developers because it works in a way that is expected without offering surprises.

It is also said that the programs are written near the domain of the problem, that the development is fast, it is elegant because of the few syntax errors, it lacks type violations and it does not have words that are not needed, this allows a better focus on the Real problem and not in all directions.

Ruby is one of the backend languages ​that is being used in the development of Startups. His most inspiring use examples are Twitter and Basecamp, two highly successful startups that were developed in this language.

Finally, we can understand what are the reasons why Ruby has become so popular, is a very simple language with a lot of markets has very good frameworks, libraries and a lot of community.

Although like all BackEnd language, it is necessary to make some installations through the console so that it works as a server, after this, it is very easy to program with Ruby. If after reading this post you are attracted to learn Ruby.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information that will make learning very simple, you just have to know the basics of programming to start developing a website.