There is a lot of controversy about the Ruby language annihilation. Well, this nonsense has been radiating for a while now, and there are news from 4years + ago saying that Ruby is dead. But, that’s not true.

Research shows that ruby interest over time isn’t declining, but following same pattern similar technologies are heading.

Is Ruby a dying language?

Ruby has gone through a lot of changes during the previous year, and it is certainly not coming to an end, but advancing and evolving. The year 2019 has a lot for the ruby community.

Here are some of the Points.

1) Ruby an active developer community.

Ruby famed rails framework has about 3500 contributors on However, when it’s being compared, the Django frame work for python has fewer than half as many contributors( Slightly over 1500)

A strong community formulate a lot of open source libraries(gems) for rails, which in most cases help developer create functional and secured application better and faster.

Developers share same experience and assist each other. A functional community also mean ample documentation whereby ruby developers can easily have access to elaborate explanations and guides to gems they would likely use.

2) Ruby Improves and get faster.

Ruby keeps evolving and updating. Each new version of Ruby receives quite a good number of improvements that makes the language faster, cleaner and safer. Ruby has always been improving and getting more outstanding with each new version. Ruby 2.4 is faster than 2.0 while Ruby 2.5 is more faster than 2.4.

Presently, the Ruby community is working on ruby 2.6 (its preview was released in late February, 2018) which is going to have an improved performance when compared to previous versions.

There’s a bit of bias around Ruby due to its seemingly low performance. Being a dynamic programming language, Ruby is much slower than its statically compiled counterparts, such as C or Java.

Nevertheless, Ruby is fast enough to power the vast majority of web applications and if an app hits a lucky streak and grows viral, it can be easily scaled to match the growing load.

3) Ruby the best for start-ups.

Among a great number of programming language. Ruby is certainly the best choice for start-ups. With its easy and intuitive coding. Ruby abets software development and saves time. Average developers create applications using Ruby 30-40% faster than some other techniques.

Needless to say, shorter development time influences savings for many start-ups that are likely to have budget constraints. Moreover, Ruby on rails is an open source framework which implies that, investors pay nothing at all, for utilizing the software. However, a wide range of open source gems allow developers to apply rich functionality in Rail apps.

The amount of money saved can be invested in carrying out additional features and making the application more functional, conducive and helpful to its users.


As a matter of fact, Ruby remains one of the popular programming languages that helps execute awesome and outstanding projects. Above all, end users don’t care what’s under the hood of their favorite application as long as they are reliable, conducive, helpful and secure. And Ruby is just the perfect tool for these.
Therefore, the answer to : Is Ruby a dying language?’ is NO!!

Though the glory days are gone and many other technologies have spring up. Ruby is staying strong and has a good numbers of followers. If you are a start-up planning for a product development. Ruby is the perfect choice for you.