Ruby is object-oriented programming language that is often used for developing websites and web applications.

Ruby has recently started to become one of the most popular programming languages especially of start-ups because of its ability to condense and abridges regular recurring tasks thereby significantly speeding up the development process by up to 40%.

Because of the fast phase of development in the world of software development, accelerating the development process has obvious advantages especially in a cut-throat industry.

The growing popularity of Ruby programming language subsequently resulted in the corresponding increase for the demand of Ruby programmers as well as increase their in the salary.

Ruby Programmer Salary in the US

In 2018, the average salary for Ruby on Rails programmer is $93,987 annually. The average means that the salary of a typical ruby developer can be as low as $77K or as high as 122K a year.

In 2019, the average annual salary has ominously increased by as much as 18% to $110,998 per year. Of the population surveyed, 25% of those interviewed had salaries of $85,000 while the greater majority has salaries at the high end of the sphere amounting to $144,000 per year.

According to ZipRecruiter, the variability of the salary however can bas as low as low as $34,500 to as high as $177,500, which suggest low opportunity for career advancement based on skill. Instead, salary promotion is primarily based on location and experience.

Ruby Programmer Salary by country and by level

Country Junior Middle Senior
USA $93.000 $112.000 $160.500
UK $63.000 $72.000 $91.000
Sweden $51,000 $57,000 $64,000
Norway $73,000 $75,000 $76,500
Denmark $71,500 $73,500 $88,000
Finland $42,500 $50,500 $53,000
Israel $58,500 $68,000 $78,500
Netherlands $53,500 $61,000 $73,000
Australia $68,500 $74,000 $97,500
Switzerland $67,500 $83,000 $96,500
Spain $35,500 $42,000 $38,000
Portugal $16,000 $23,000 $26,000

Notes on Ruby Programmer Salaries

As shown on the table above, the United States posts the highest average salary rate for Ruby software developers. However, the high variability of salary ranges suggests that improving skill level does not necessarily ensure salary increase.

Salary increase of Ruby programmers also varies from place to place. While there is general increase in popularity of the Ruby language, this trend is not across the world.

Ruby is gaining popularity in the UK and Europe hence salaries for Ruby programmers are expected to continue to increase. However, in the US, salaries may remain constant because of the low usage of Ruby in the US. This also accounts for the low demand for Ruby programmers in the US.

In Europe, average salary rate of Ruby programmers is US$ 52,270 per year with a variability rate of US$31,000 (low) and US$71,000 (high) in 2018. Moreover, start-up companies (less than 5 years old) tend to provide higher rates for Ruby than older companies. These start-up companies are usually comprised of smaller development teams with an average of 6 members.

Ruby on Rails is in the top five highest paying programming languages in the world next to Go, Objective C and Python in 2018. Ruby on Rail had the highest gain in terms of popularity as a development tool particularly on the server part. This accounts for its leap as one of the most in demand and highest paying jobs from 2017 to 2018.