What Can Ruby Programing Language be Used for?

What is Ruby?

Ruby Programming Language is famous for its simplicity and dynamism and productivity. This is Object Oriented and general-purpose programming language. It is also known as a scripting language.

Developers use the Rails FrameWork to develop the website and applications. The rail framework is written in the Ruby Programming Language.

It an all-purpose language covers some of the most famous website. Why Ruby? Ruby programming because of its multipurpose support, security, and flexibility.


24 Years ago Ruby first appeared and from then it has been developed a bit. Ruby Language is developed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in 1990.

He used to know python and some other language, but he felt that those were not truly an object-oriented programming language what he used to the thought of.

Yukihiro developed this Ruby Programming Language and make it very easy to use and fun to understand and learn. The First version of Ruby was published in 1996. Soon it becomes more popular than a python programming language.

What can Ruby be used for?

It is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Readability and expressiveness is the primary reason behind it. Within one month you can learn the basic of Ruby. If you give 4 hours a day and 120 hours in a month, it will be enough to master the basic if Ruby Programming Language.Ruby Programming Language works as other general purpose languages like Python and Perl etc.

Ruby Language can be used for developing a various range of application. With it, you can develop almost everything. Normally it is most popular for developing web application but you can develop:

  • rails/web apps
  • the system utilities
  • libraries
  • servers
  • etc.


Some advantages of Ruby Programming Language over others are;

For complex website and apps with the database, Ruby Programming Language is the best option you can have.You can do both front and back end design with Ruby Programming Language as it has full slack frame-work.

Most Renowned Company like Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify usage Ruby.

Application developed with Ruby Programming Language can be easily managed and maintain.This program is more like natural language, which makes it easy to read, comprehend and work.

Ruby Programming Language has quite better security features and powerful security handling.


Ruby Programming Language also has some disadvantages such as:

It is harder to debug than other programming languages.
It doesn’t have informational resources like some other language.
Ruby is Slower some other programming language.

But, the Ruby Programming Language is gaining popularity over some other object-oriented Programming Language. The reason behind is, ruby simplifies and abstracts common repetitive tasks.


Today, ruby is among top 10 programming language. In a recent ranking, it has settled down to number 8 position. Because of its support to multiple programming paradigm its popularity is increasing day by day. This programming language will take time to improve like other languages available.

In recent years, the demand for Ruby on Rails has increased quite a bit. Before Ruby, python was popular and easy to learn and develop an application. By the arrival of Ruby, people are focusing more on Ruby Programming Language.