What you need to know about Ruby Programming

If you are a fan of web development, the name “Ruby Language” will not be new to you. However, despite the popularity of this beautiful and dynamic language, it’s still relatively new to beginners in language programming.

You may be familiar with other programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, and others, but Ruby is on another level.Here, we have provided answers to your questions such as:

  • what is ruby language?
  • Why should you bother to learn ruby
  • how does ruby compare to python programming?

What is the Ruby Language?

Ruby language is a dynamic open source and easy-to-write coding with an elegant syntax that focuses on simplicity and productivity.

Ruby is a perfect blend of several languages such as Smalltalk, Ada, Perl, Eiffel, and Lisp. All these languages are carefully balanced to form functional and imperative programming.Ruby is practical in its application in the sense that you can easily play with different ideas and test their chances of being applied in the real world.

Why learn Ruby?

Whether to learn ruby or not is a tough call for many beginners. There are several articles on the internet addressing the popular question, “is ruby on rail dead?”

Although our focus on this article is on ruby, however, it is good to clear the rumor about the death of RoR. Ruby on Rail combines Ruby and other several components which include active record, action mailer and web services, as well as prototype with the functionality to implement Ajax.

Learning RoR as a web developer will give you a definite edge over other developers; thus, a need to know about ruby, Here some of the benefits of learning ruby.

High demand

Regardless of whatever stories they have written about the death of ruby on rail, it is still much in need in 2019. Many developers find ruby easy to write and also because of its application across many sectors like health, education, etc. For instance, large companies like GitHub and Airbnb still employ ruby (on rails)

Greatly Intuitive Design

Ruby is designed to exclusively serve programmers that focus on customized software development due to its specific and streamlined processes.Seamless Automated TestingAs a beginner developer, you will find ruby useful for swift development of your project as it requires less coding to express yourself comprehensively.

Functional and Faster Coding

With integrated testing design in place, ruby will save you time and effort this making project completion faster without sacrificing its functionality.Now that you are more familiar with ruby as a programming language, I am confident you will be stimulated to learning it as it is still very useful and relevant in the web development world.