A lot of software developers attest that working with Ruby is fun and easy. Considered a high-level programming language, Ruby is designed to handle many complex details of a program, enabling the user to easily create something from scratch with fewer lines of code.

Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto, creator of the Ruby programming language, designed Ruby to balance functional and imperative programming, hence its called the “language of careful balance.” According to him, he wanted to make Ruby natural rather than simple something that mirrors life.

Ruby started and became popular from the Ruby on Rails framework, a comprehensive, full-stack web framework with relatively easy prototyping, making it a popular web framework choice of many coding beginners and startups. Whether youre an experienced programmer wanting to expand your software development knowledge or a coding beginner trying to get familiar with the Ruby, here are some reasons why you learn Ruby programming language.

1. Easy to Use and Understand

When Mr. Matsumoto was designing Ruby, the initial goal was to make it fun and easy. In fact, in Japan, where it was first used, Ruby was used in making games. The language is succinct and straightforward, like reading in English. This is the reason why its a popular choice among beginners.

Since Ruby on Rails enables quick and easy prototyping, many programmers easily get familiar with using Ruby and find it a satisfying experience.

ruby programming language

2. Flexible

Ruby is a dynamic and flexible programming language, simply because it allows its users to to write on or alter its parts. For instance, essential parts of the Ruby language can be redefined or even removed if desired. Existing parts, on the other hand, can be added upon. Ruby lets the coder to be flexible by not restricting them with hard rules.

Additionally, Ruby is also not too harsh with errors. Even if you code has minor bugs, you can still compile and run your program until you reach the problematic part.

3. Everything is an Object

Unlike other programming languages that have unnecessary constraints, in Ruby, everything is treated as an object. This means, every bit of code and every single information can be unique and have its own properties and actions.

4. Code Quality

In programming, code quality is crucial. Nobody will tolerate an application or program riddled with bugs. With Ruby, it enables programmers to ensure the highest code quality standards. How? Ruby is all about syntax. Its intuitive nature makes it very easy to read, write, understand, and maintain.

The quality of a code depends on how compliant it is with industry standards and best practices. With Ruby, you can guarantee compliance because its code structure are approved by a global community of developers and constantly improved and fixed in the Ruby style guide. Furthermore, Ruby is perfectly designed for testing, which is important in producing clean and error-free code.

5. Vibrant Community

Ruby is known to have a huge, active, and vibrant community. In fact, the community is a reflection of Rubys wide usage, popularity, and success. Not only does the community provide a helping hand to aspiring developers, it also maintains Ruby and helps it to continuously move forward through new tools, frameworks, and libraries dedicated to its users and developers.

Members of the Ruby community enjoy the vibrant culture that they share among each other a culture that motivates developers to share their success stories and encourage coding beginners to keep learning new things all the time.

These are only a few of the many reasons why its fun to learn the Ruby programming language. As you go along, you will better understand why Ruby is one of the most popular programming language for many developers around the world.